Partnership & Collaborations

Partnering with government and other partners.

We are active members of Kenya Consortium for Landscape Restoration (KCLR) that brings together green practitioners in Kenya towards achieving 10% forest cover . We work closely with the Kenya Forest Service for closer collaboration and networking with the government and other partners.

Community Environment Empowerment

Siabei River restoration- Narok

The Women around Siabei were once involved in charcoal production but through sensitization they have abandoned the practice and embraced environment conservation. Through Community Environment Empowerment, they now plant trees towards restoration of Siabei River as they also engage in bee keeping and fruit tree farming as alternative livelihood. Occasional counselling is done to those who have experience trauma as a result of the challenges they undergo in charcoal business.

Inspiring the future

Schools tree planting

Schools provide an opportunity to train the young ones on environment conservation. Every child is encouraged to adopt a tree at school and practice the same at home. Environment conservation clubs in Schools are encouraged as we nature the green corps. Mr. Tim Mugerwa of Keep Mama Africa Green Campaign, Uganda, joined us for an activity at Mwihoko Primary school in Nairobi. we value partnerships with other like minded organizations across the globe.

Talek watershed Restoration

Talek Boys Tree Planting- Narok

Community and schools around the Talek watershed are involved in tree planting activities towards restoration of Talek river. On farm fruit tree planting is incorporated as a community livelihood program. Women groups are provided with fruit tree seedlings as they are also taught seedlings propagation for sustainability of the project. Talek river feeds the great Mara River that supports the wildebeest Migration.