About Us

About Greens Of Africa

Sustainable environment conservation for a better tomorrow

Greens of Africa Foundation (GAF):  is a non-profit making women led organization working in environment conservation and sustainable community development in Kenya. It was founded by Jedidah Wanyeki in 2017 and registered in 2018 to respond to the needs of communities across the country that reported reduced water volumes and increased cost of supply due to heavy siltation and pollution of rivers due to environment degradation and climate change. GAF encourages the water utilities to take up active environment conservation roles and work with communities for sustainable watershed management and protection to reduce the effect of upstream degradation and water pollution. GAF creates linkages with partners to realize their goals and objectives, through coordination, planning, mobilization, networking, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Through watershed-based approach and partnership with water utilities it empowers the community to seek solutions and participate in solving problems. Its mobilization strategy ensures that the community is involved right from the project inception, planning and implementation.

Vision: An environmentally conscious society of people working for improved livelihoods and upholding climate justice for Sustainable Environment Conservation and development.

Mission: We strive for improved environment conservation with adequate water volumes and quality, community empowerment on climate justice and livelihood improvement using tree planting with water utilities as an entry point

Core values

  • Love for environment conservation
  • Self and community empowerment
  • Volunteerism
  • Accountability, Transparency and Honesty
  • Value for partnerships and collaborations

Our Slogan: Trees for Us by Us 

GAF governance

GAF has a defined structure including Board Members and a Management team. The structure determines chain of command and hierarchy of responsibility therein. The Board is the highest decision making organ; policy, approving plans, strategies and reviewing achievements. It also approves activities by Management. The Executive Director is the head of the organization and is responsible for the implementation of the programs and day to day running of the organization.  The International Relations Director is in charge of International fundraising and partnerships.

Management staff

GAF has access to all skilled and experienced professionals who have capacity and competence to be involved in all the desired activities that promotes the Goal and Objectives of the Institution. The Management team periodically reviews activities to appraise and provide platform for human resource development through job trainings and technical assistance for employees to systematically undertake their duties and responsibilities

Jedidah Wanyeki

CEO/ Founder

Email: jedidah@greensofafrica.org

She is the founder and CEO, a passionate environmentalist with a wealth of experience in environment conservation. She was inspired by the Late Nobel peace Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai. She is a graduate in media Studies and holds a Diploma in County Government .She has served in various boards including being the Vice Chair Person of the Green Belt Movement Board of Directors. Her background is in the media industry and is a long serving publisher of Kenya Defence Forces Magazines.  She has worked in major local and international media houses and is the editor and publisher of Mazingira Yetu Journal (Environment Conservation Journal)

Thomas Kupfernagel

International Fundraising

Email: thomas@greensofafrica.org

Born in 1962, he graduated in business studies. He is a businessman of German nationality with a successful experience of more than 20 years in sustainable house building and renewable energies. He is also very interested in sustainable environment conservation and development. Women rights are a big concern to him. He is a regular traveler to East Africa in support of our project and wishes to introduce the  ‘green belts‘ initiative to Europe. He is in charge of International Fundraising.

Mercy Jennes Lekimain

Project Officer

Email: mercy@greensofafrica.org

She holds a Masters Degree in Community Development, from the St Paul’s University Kenya, and a Bachelors of Counseling Psychology from Pan Africa Christian University Kenya. She has a diploma on Indigenous Women and leadership with FIMI and a certificate on international human rights, climate change and development of social enterprises from Colombia University, USA. She has a wealth of experience in project management having worked with various International NGOs in Kenya.

Her expertise is on

  • Project management
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Proposal writing
  • Report writing, documentation and evaluation
  • Implementation
Jane Wanjiru

Jane Wanjiru

Finance & Administration

Email: jane@greensofafrica.org

Jane Wanjiru is a seasoned counseling psychologist who is also experienced in inner Healing therapy. She has a bachelor’s degree in counseling, a diploma in psychology and a diploma in change management from reputable institutions. She has a wealth of experience in the field of counseling and psychotherapy. She is very passionate about natural forest therapy